Jewelry Care + Repairs

HIGH FIVE! You just received some really cool jewelry! Here's how to keep it looking awesome:

- I am proud to make jewelry that is meant to be worn day in and day out. Sterling silver, 14k gold fill and gold vermeil pieces can be worn consistently without worry. So yes, go ahead and wear it in the shower! BUT (this is a big one...) I do not recommend wearing your jewelry in a swimming pool or hot tub, or in the ocean. Chlorine and salt will ruin your jewelry really quickly. Fresh water is A-OK.

(Please note that pieces with patina or a protective coating – like our skyline necklaces - require a little more care, and should not be worn in any water (showering, swimming etc.)

- Oxidation is natural with metal of all types, and is dependent upon a few factors such as your body chemistry, exposure to moisture and how you care for your jewelry. To reduce tarnishing and oxidation, store your jewelry in an airtight baggie or jewelry box. Humidity and moisture are your worst enemy when it comes to tarnishing your cool jewels.

- Tarnished jewelry? No problem! Here are a couple of options to clean it up:

- Use a polishing cloth to shine it up. I love Sunshine cloths!
- Let your jewelry soak in warm water and liquid dish soap for 5-10 minutes. Be sure to rinse it really well and use a soft towel to dry your jewelry, and never store it when it's wet.

- Do you have a specific question about how to care for your piece? Please feel free to fill out the contact form and reach out with your questions, I am happy to help!

JRJ pieces are made to be durable and long lasting, but life happens! Did your favorite piece become damaged or break? No problem, I am happy to repair your jewelry for a small fee. Cost will be determined on a case by case basis. Please fill out the contact form, and we can go from there.