What you wear sends a message to the world, but it can also be a sweet reminder to yourself–
of a special memory, of a moment in time, of a dear friend. With jewelry that is representative of your spirit, your values, and your strength, you can walk through the world with a little extra bounce in your step.

It’s not just business for her.

Jaci designs and creates each piece herself, and feels a connection to each and
every one of her customers. She’s always ready to go the extra mile for her people - and
prioritizes quality and accessibility over anything else. From her own experience of feeling the grounding power of nature, she uses her jewelry to share the feelings of memory, connectedness, and fun with her customers.

In The Wild

Set up at DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, MI. Check out Jaci's 2024 calendar to see where she'll be popping up next!

  • beaded hoops

    "I love these cutie little hoops! The quality is fantastic and they're so, so comfortable. I'm not one to wear jewelry to bed but I've worn these to sleep a few times without realizing it. The perfect little go-to earring lately!"
    Kim C.

  • tiny full moon necklace

    I opened the box and had a little gasp—this thing is gorgeous! I put it back and then thought, “I gotta get a double-take on this” and opened it again. I love it! 10 outta 10 recommend!
    Carson E.

  • smile ring

    Love this ring, it’s dainty yet feels strong!! I ordered the wrong size and Jaci was so helpful and had great communication. I was able to get the right size and now I’m never taking it off!! Thanks so much!
    Sarah J.

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