an assortment of work by Jaci and a photo of her

A little something you’ll reach for every day.

To remind you of that one hike. That sweet beach day. That night looking up at the stars.

Having spent over a decade experimenting with different methods, taking classes, and perfecting her skills, Jaci’s jewelry is subtle enough for every day, but powerful enough to bring brilliance into your life for years to come. Her work is designed for longevity and durability–driven by her obsession with creating the highest quality product in the most sustainable way.

Simple but not boring; accessible but not conventional; cherished but not extravagant–Jaci’s jewelry is that one piece that will become a part of your daily look that’s sure to make you smile.

Earth focused from start to finish.

For as much inspiration as she takes from nature, she believes in giving just as much back. Sustainable practices are built into every part of her process:
Mindfully sourcing materials
Recycled whenever possible, and purchased from trustworthy suppliers. And
hypoallergenic, always.
Packaging that’s not meant to last
All mailers, boxes, and packing materials are recyclable and made with recycled
materials as much as possible.
Scrap material repurposing
Larger scraps are saved to become components in new pieces. All the others are
stashed away and sent to a metal recycling program where they will be melted down and given a second life.

Jewelry as a form of self expression.
From spending endless hours in nature, the objects and textures in the natural world are deeply ingrained in Jaci’s spirit and in her jewelry. She started her jewelry making explorations in 2007, using her deeply-rooted creative spirit to experiment with different materials and methods. She was initially motivated by the desire to wear jewelry that felt uniquely her. But that goal changed quickly once she realized how her designs might resonate with others.

Although primarily self-taught, she learned soldering and stone setting techniques at the Toledo Museum of Art, which expanded her skills and evolved her jewelry offerings.When she’s not making jewelry or other crafts, she spends her time mountain biking, exploring nature, gardening, and enjoying time with friends and family. She lives just outside of Toledo, Ohio and works out of her home studio.

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